Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece)

21 08 2009

Started Aug. 20, 2009

Finished Sept. 12, 2009

After 18 Hours of stitching.

Design by Ragnhild Rees from “Gestickte Kostbarkeiten”, the german edition of Heirloom Embroidery (Murdoch Books 1997).

The original project was done on wool blanketing with DMC Laine Colbert embroidery wool and DMC cotton threads. My version is all done with cotton threads on my frame stand cover (I usually cover my WIP with a plain fabric. But recently I want to have all the fabrics in my room embroidered, including the cover for the computer monitor and the keyboard.)

WIP Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece) Aug 21 Aft 3H

WIP Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece) Aug 21 Aft 3H


For the first time, I will try to embroider using a small hoop, and I am liking it. Although this is not a very large project, I would say, using a small hoop made it easy for me to bring the project to my caregiving job. I roll the fabric and place it in a tube. The small hoop does not create any ghost marks, which I was afraid it would create. I don´t wash nor iron most of my finish projects. But I think it is fine to wash this project. Despite its numerous elements, this project is really a relaxing project. And I can be both strict in following the lines of the patter, at the same time be a little free with the stitches. I chose the colors myself too, since there is no direct conversion from Laine Colbert to 6-strand cotton.

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours (2)

After a few inserted projects, I finally get to finish this embroidery.

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours

Sam´s new jeans

19 08 2009

I finally get to finish making his jeans today. It is a jumper style. I cut the lower leg part of my worn-out jeans.  I can´t wait to buy a pair of new buttons tomorrow, I just used the largest buttons I have in my stash. 🙂

Sam is a knitted doll, wearing a knitted pullover of various cable knits and a 3-cornered hat with pompoms and a  scarf of matching colors.

Sam´s new jeans

Sam´s new jeans

I took a photo of my knitted and crocheted toys. Totoro and Amineko are free amigurumi (crochet) designs from the internet. Click on the links to make your own!
My Sam is a simple knitted doll from a knitting book, the form looks like a gingerbread man. Then I designed his over all look, his hair, his face, his hat and pullover and jeans.
Amineko, Sam and Totoro

Amineko, Sam and Totoro

Montmellick Sampler Keyboard cover

19 08 2009

Started August 17, 2009

Finished August 22, 2009

After 17 hours.

Design by Pamela Strudwick from the german edition of “Heirloom Embroidery” (1997, Murdoch Books).

I took out my sewing machine 2 days ago and sewed some fabric scraps along the raw edges. I also trimmed a large pillow case to fit the computer monitor. I use fabric scraps and old embroidered pillow cases to cover things like the computer monitor and the keyboard. They are scraps from old embroidery projects. Since I am used to making large embroidered pictures, I did not know what to do with them before. But since 2 days ago, I thought, I also like embroidered home accessories. I started looking at magazines and books again and realized most of the designs are home and sewing accessories. They never attracted me before. But now, I am starting to consider embroidering all that I could stitch on in my room. lol.

I put the 2 towel border designs together. They basically have stitches that I have not tried before. It says Montmellick whitework, and to use DMC 4-strand cotton threads. But since I did not find any here, and I don´t feel like buying online these days, I just bought a (V+H) vy lt ecru to match the cream fabric. It is not whitework, but it is monochromatic. I thought it looks great. I like the idea of monochromatic embroidery, baby blue on baby blue, baby pink on baby pink . They create darker shades on their own.

First photo of  work-in-progress:

WIP Montmellick Whitework Aug 21 Aft 12H

WIP Montmellick Whitework Aug 21 Aft 12H

Photos of finished Keyboard cover:
Montmellick Whitework Keyboard Cover with book

Montmellick Whitework Keyboard Cover with book

Montmellick Whitework Keyboard cover with monitor

Montmellick Whitework Keyboard cover with monitor

complete view of the whitework with keyboard and mouse

complete view of the whitework with keyboard and mouse

Ikea shelves put up for mounted embroideries and views of my work place/bedroom

16 08 2009

Today I decided to put the 4 white shelves I bought from Ikea 2 or 3 years ago. These are 3inches deep shelves which can be connected to form a longer row of shelving system for  frames and small objects.

Aug 16 Bed side and shelves

On the side table I have Jane Nicholas´Stumpwork book and Royal School of Needlework book plus a japanese craft book. My first four embroideries on the series Peace already find their places on the shelves.

Aug 16 Work area (2)

My largest embroidery is Thea Gouverneur´s Birdhouse, I placed it on another of the white shelf. Next to it is my long and short needlepoint of Elian McCready´s Hollyhocks and Peonies. On the other side of the wall hangs a Benguet backstrap loom, finished but uncut, with all the wooden parts used in weaving the fabric. On the table frame stand, I still have the WIP of my Yellow Sampler/ Cutwork or Drawnwork stitches.  I am working on the bear´s body now.

Aug 16 Work area

I use a cylinder to raise my work a bit higher. I wind the ribbons on glass jars. 🙂 I use cotton buds plastic boxes for my needles. I use a vanishing fabric pen to draw the designs. I also use permanent waterproof pen if I know I would be able to cover the lines entirely with stitches, like on this project.

Aug 16 Bed side and shelves (2)

I like handmade ethnic or native products. This shelf has my favorite books, tools and finished projects from embroidery to sculpting to painting.  I have too many interests and have tried to develop so many skills from so many fields (theater, opera, piano, ballet, massage therapy, painting, etc.), that it was extremely necessary for me to make a decision to improve on one field only, and I chose embroidery.

Ajour work or Pulled work “Pace”

3 08 2009

Started July 26, 2009

Finished August 10, 2009

After 35 hours.

Embroidery cotton threads, polyester sewing thread on linen.

(Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Corsican(France) word for peace)


Aug.1, 2009:  After 12 hours

Ajour or pulled work Offering 003 Aug 1 12H

Aug. 3, 2009: After 23 hours

Ajour Offering 003 Aug3 23H

Finished embroidery: 29 Pulled work stitches, 11 stitches for contour (chain, stem, knot, couched stitches), needlelace for the net (double buttonhole)

Ajour Pulled work Aug 10 Pace 35H

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.

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