Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece)

21 08 2009

Started Aug. 20, 2009

Finished Sept. 12, 2009

After 18 Hours of stitching.

Design by Ragnhild Rees from “Gestickte Kostbarkeiten”, the german edition of Heirloom Embroidery (Murdoch Books 1997).

The original project was done on wool blanketing with DMC Laine Colbert embroidery wool and DMC cotton threads. My version is all done with cotton threads on my frame stand cover (I usually cover my WIP with a plain fabric. But recently I want to have all the fabrics in my room embroidered, including the cover for the computer monitor and the keyboard.)

WIP Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece) Aug 21 Aft 3H

WIP Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece) Aug 21 Aft 3H


For the first time, I will try to embroider using a small hoop, and I am liking it. Although this is not a very large project, I would say, using a small hoop made it easy for me to bring the project to my caregiving job. I roll the fabric and place it in a tube. The small hoop does not create any ghost marks, which I was afraid it would create. I don´t wash nor iron most of my finish projects. But I think it is fine to wash this project. Despite its numerous elements, this project is really a relaxing project. And I can be both strict in following the lines of the patter, at the same time be a little free with the stitches. I chose the colors myself too, since there is no direct conversion from Laine Colbert to 6-strand cotton.

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours (2)

After a few inserted projects, I finally get to finish this embroidery.

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours

Wiesenstück Sept 12 2009 18 Hours




One response

2 02 2011
Tom Pisanic

Hi Vincent,

I very much like your work. I just wanted to inquire as to whether any of your art is for sale. My wife’s (who is from Heilbronn actually) and my 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and we are celebrating each anniversary with a heirloom type piece made primarily of the traditional annual wedding anniversary gift material. For year two it is cotton. After hours of searching online, I came across your designs/artwork. I thought this design would be quite nice for this year’s gift. Please let me know if this is possible.



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