Mola – reverse applique technique of the San Blas Kuna Indians

4 09 2009

While in Nordhorn, Germany, I found a Welt Laden (World Shop), which sells items of fair trade from industrial countries. Visit their german websites to see their “fair trade” products.

I wanted to buy a magnificent large quilt of batik scraps, but could not afford it. Fortunately, they have smaller appliques from the San Blas Kuna indians called mola. read more in Wikipedia.

They are so beautiful. The stitches and details are so fine. I swear I have not done so fine stitchery myself. The colors are pretty.

There are about 3-4 layers. The stitcher´s info are written on a piece of paper stitched at the back (you can see white stitches in front–they are not part of the design.)

Mola applique

Mola applique

I have been wanting to try applique and the San Blas Molas have always been inspiring me.
back of the applique

back of the applique

If you are interested to see larger molas, there are so many websites online. Like this one.



3 responses

4 09 2009
Aida Costa

Oh, that’s such a pretty Mola!! I love hand applique. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll give this style a try sometime.


28 09 2009
india c. legaspi

Beautiful! We have revived sombrado (fine applique on piña cloth) last august here in Kalibo, Aklan Philippines. Really excited to use the technique extensively. Keep in touch. Nice and exciting you flicker site.


20 09 2015

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