Weaving Sampler “Cool Garden”

12 12 2009

Started Nov. 4, 2009

Finished Dec. 12, 2009

Materials: Lisa yarns (Acrylic)

I am starting to make this sampler of woven patterns, because sometimes I feel like there is a weaver inside of me, that longs to weave. I am learning a lot, and I indulge in the process. It is a really time-consuming textile-making technique. I forget the time when I am on my table loom. Weaving has become therapeutic.

I will learn some pattern combinations, colors and perhaps materials. Right now, my loom has a rigid heddle. I have to devise temporary heddles before the rigid heddle, if I want to make complicated patterns. I will try one experiment with all three colors.

I am using cheap acrylic yarn for the weft. The warp is single thread of old white crochet yarn. I bought my Kirchner table loom from eBay. I actually first learned to weave using a foot loom early this spring. Table loom is so slow, but I get to learn a lot of the basics and I know what I will be looking for when I start looking for a larger loom with pedals and 8 harnesses.

Nov. 7, 2009 progress

First Rows

Nov. 7, 2009 Update 8 hours

 Nov. 20, 2009 update: Up to now, these are all variations using 2 string heddles. Something is strange with my camera. These are the same yarns, but the colors look different in both pictures. The latest photo is truer to life. I actually chose a cooler palette.

November 26, 2009 Update: This is going very fast. I am almost at the end of the 2 meter warps. This photo shows variations on a simple pattern using 2 shafts.

The last patterns…

17 hours

The finished sampler, “CoolGarden”

Cool Garden

 I will stop weaving at home for a while.

I have enough weaving with my weaving lessons with Brigitte Staedler. Visit her website. Brigitte is a very talented textile artist and teacher. Her workshop is a wonderful place to be in. Ich nehme in einem Webkurs teil. Brigitte Staedler ist eine sehr talentierte Textilkunstlerin und Lehrerin. Ihre Werkstatt ist sehr schön und inspirierend. Sie bietet Kurse in Weben und Seidenmalerei hier in Berlin. Ihre Webseite ist http://textilkunst-staedler.de/


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