Hardanger Napkin on Hinabol (100% Abaca natural fabric)

16 01 2010

Started January 8, 2010

Finished January 16, 2010

Number of hours:  31Hours

Materials: DMC ecru perlé coton #12 and 5, Hinabol fabric

Finished size: 32 1/2 x 33 cm.

Hinabol is a natural fabric, from the abaca plant, and the one that I used was handwoven in Aklan, Philippines by Heritage Arts and Crafts.

I am making this hardanger embroidery designed by Hiroko Takeuchi, from this book.

Here is my first WIP photo after 13 hours of stitching:

After all drawnwork has been cut, this is the WIP photo after 24 hours:

Finished today, January 16, 2010 after 31 hours. It is 32 1/2 x 33 cm.

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