More Trees in Winter

30 01 2010

Started: January 10, 2010

Finished: January 30, 2010

Number of Hours: 46 hours

Size: 30 x 15 cm

This embroidery represents my stand on the green politics against deforestation and illegal logging. Can you ever imagine a Winter Wonderland without trees?

When one sees this embroidery, one receives the message and will be part of a collective consciousness.
More Trees in Winter is a part of a series of trees, which I designed to be stitch samplers.
I learned 26 needlelace stitches in this sampler, from the Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework by Maria Therese Dillmont.

Cordonette threads are high quality unbleached cotton warping threads.

After all contour lines are couched with cordonette, areas are ready to be filled in with needlelace stitches.

Monday, January 25, 2010 Update: After 25 hours

WIP Jan 25 2010 After 25 hours

Almost finished, just one more tree and then off to buttonhole stitches.

WIP Jan 27 2010 After 32 hours

Finished on January 30, 2010.

Still has to be mounted…

More Trees in Winter


More Trees in Winter Up Close

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.




11 responses

29 01 2010
Mary Corbet

Oh, yes, I love this!! Very nice interpretation and combination of stitches!


29 01 2010

Thanks Mary! I am quite not satisfied with the size. It is quite small!
I think the beauty of the construction of the lace stitches will look great in double this size. And I am struggling with the buttonhole stitches, again because of the size! If you are me, you would have frogged everything and restart, just like what you are doing with Crewel Rooster. lol!
I am glad this is a sampler learn new stitches. I will redo this in bigger scale later, together with the rest of the series.


31 01 2010

That’s extraordinary work! I’ve never seen that technique before! Thanks for sharing the works-in-progress.


31 01 2010

Thanks Patricia! This is also a sampler for me to learn this technique. I have learned 26 new needle lace stitches with this sampler.
I thought of deleting the WIPs photos but I guess some viewers enjoy them too.


31 01 2010

This is great, Vinvent!
Just beautiful!


31 01 2010

Thanks Meri!


31 01 2010
Catherine Rosselle

Wonderful, great work !


1 02 2010

thanks Catherine.


1 02 2010
vicky davis

I really like seeing the WIP photos, as it really shows what all went into the stitchery. Fantastic trees!


1 02 2010

thanks vicky! I enjoyed making this sampler. I learned a lot of stitches. I am now more confident in needle lace and would make more of this technique.


2 02 2010

I love these trees! So many different stitches. The result will be wonderful. Very nice “learning”


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