My newly assembled stand frame with copy holder

13 02 2010

The stand frame was already completed today. I like my frame tall and straight. Some might wonder why it looked different than the photos in ebay.

Although it does not bother me while stitching, I have to say that the frame sways a bit, like a typical stand lamp because it is supported only by 2 legs. (i guess it will not move that much if supported on 4 legs like a table, but I do not know how it would be designed so that it would only cover a smaller space, and will not look like a table or as heavy. lol.)
still I think this product is good because it is space saving, modular and affordable. It can be easily disassembled for traveling. It came in 2 tubes which I can easily carry.

The copy holder is sold separately and so is the clamp frame holder, but I did not assemble it. I also purchased a wing nut tightening tool. You can check the items in ebay here: kevscornershops

Thanks for the tip, Avital.

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