Love Fruits (Stilllife: Mangoes on a Bamboo Tray)

8 03 2010

Started: January 31, 2010

Finished: March 8, 2010

Number of hours: 82 hours

Size: 29 x 43cm

Materials: DMC Stranded cotton and Rayon threads on pineapple-silk handwoven fabric

It shows 7 mangoes on a bilao, a round hand-woven bamboo tray. Each mango is done in different ajour stitches.  The background has ajour work too. And I am also trying some new stitches.

It is the national fruit of the Philippines, symbolizing love for family and love for nation, because it is shaped like a human heart. It is very sweet when it turns golden yellow. It is so high in sugar, that diabetics are not advised to eat even when mangoes are still green and sour. Each mango represents a family member or a friend or a passion for something, like passion for embroidery. ^_^

Feb.5, 2010: First photo update after 23 hours.

WIP Mangga Feb 5 2010 after 23 hours

After 46 hours, here is another update. The leaves are leaf stitches outlined with buttonhole stitches. All the mangoes are filled with 7 ajour stitches and outlined with 7 “line or chain” stitches. Next is the bamboo tray.

Update February 16, 2010: The bamboo tray is finished. Now comes the laces on the background. They are strips of embroidered lace across the background.

Love Fruits WIP Feb 16 2010 After 51 Hours

Finally the laces are finished and ready for exhibition on March 13 and 14, 2010.

Click on the photos for larger view of the embroidered laces!

Love Fruits (Mangga sa Bilao)

The fabric is transparent not only because of the fine silk and pineapple fibers, the fabric is also not tightly woven. So I decided to just write my signature, rather than embroider it.

Love Fruits (Mangga sa Bilao) signature

Larger view:

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.




11 responses

31 01 2010

Can’t wait for seeing your next piece of art!


18 02 2010

This is great!


18 02 2010

thanks meri!


8 03 2010

W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l, Vince!!!
Where will be the exhibiton?


8 03 2010
Judy Cooper

Your work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


8 03 2010

Thanks meri and Judy!
Meri: It will be a national event of the german embroidery and lace guilds. The theme is the cross between the two techniques. There is a competition which I also entered. I got invited to show more of my works, so I am bringing them with me. I will also be posing as a “goldfish” where people will watch me as I work on my yellow sampler, which is a sampler of cutwork stitches using yellow colorway threads. I hope to bring lots of good news and nice photos when I am back next week. ^_^


8 03 2010

Thanks! And Good luck for the competition. Looking forward your photos and news
Have I lost something?? A cutwork sampler in yellow?

You know I only reach this update post because I saw one of your last photos at HEN – I thought this project was completed in February. Haven’t understand your sentence: Lastly, the laces on the background… with this way of updateting post you do, we can lose something…


8 03 2010

You didn´t lost any post, meri. I have not posted any photos of the yellow Sampler (Cutwork technique). I am sorry about that. It was an old project which I sort of abandoned before I began writing this blog.
I ran out of present project that has an embroidered lace technique on it, to demonstrate on the event. So I am pulling the project out of my UFO (Un-Finished Object) list. lol.

It is cutwork, and I know you are currently working on cutwork hemstitches. lol. It it a square divided into 64 squares for 64 cutwork variations. On the edge are 12 kinds of hemstitches, like what you are currently doing. And 8 variations on the corners.
The yellow Sampler is also not documented. I do not remember when I started it and how many hours I worked on it. lol. I really like that project when I started it. It was a favorite when I posted it and many requested I finish it. During that time, I decided to start the Peace helmets and turn them into samplers too, so I thought I will not make anymore traditional samplers. I deleted it in my albums too. And it is no where to be seen online I believe so.
I will post about it soon when I get back home from work. ^_^

Don´t worry. My style of updateing is simple. I update on the same post so that there are not 5 blog entries on one project, and I change the date of “publication” into the present date.

I guess to better organize my blog, I will have to make use of pages too.

Just excuse my English sometimes. lol. my flow of thought is not complete or I did not edit my entry. haha. When I feel like it, I go over my post and edit many times. I see lots of errors and I feel like changing some sentences too. lol. Please be patient with me. ^_^

I will edit that sentence now. it sounds strange. haha. and I forgot to take a photo of the mounted project. I am so busy. lol.


8 03 2010

Nooooo, Vincent don’t I think the sentence is well I didn’ understand it because my English is bad. Your English is perfect for me! Perhaps because for both of us it isn’t our mother language lol

I don’t tell you how many time I edit my posts – always seeing errors too, and in two languages…
Good luck, Vincent!


9 03 2010

This is another lovely piece Vincent. Very beautifully worked and designed.
Good luck in the exhibiton and in being a ‘goldfish’, I hope you have fun.

Best wishes


10 03 2010

Vincent, this is lovely! I like both the ajour work and your very, very neat satin stitches! I also like the symbolic content and the fabric very much. Good luck with the competition.
I’m sorry I ignored your email some time ago. It was during a time I wasn’t online very much and only saw it weeks too late.


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