Finished Today”Kabuto” Boys´ Day (traditional japanese warrior helmet)

14 06 2010

Started: November 3, 2009

Finished: June 14, 2010

# of hours: 76 hours

Materials: Cotton threads on cotton fabric

Finished Size: 50cm x 65cm

A Kabuto symbolizes the strong and healthy boy, which is why it is brought out during Boys´Day, which was celebrated in Japan, every 5th of May. Girls Day, or Hinamatsuri, was celebrated on the 3rd day of March . Boys´Day was also called Tango no Sekku, which is one of the seasonal festivals, this one marking the beginning of the rainy season or the summer. On Boys´Day, a Kabuto helmet is displayed, or a Kintaro doll riding a giant carp. Kintaro is the childhood name of a samurai hero, known for his strength even while still a young boy.

Boys´Day is also known as feast of the banners. On the day before this day,  families raise colorful carp-shaped flags called koinobori, each carp representing a boy or a child in the family.

In 1948, the japanese government declared the day Children´s Day, Kodomo no hi.

I am making this design from a japanese embroidery book. My first japanese embroidery teacher Kayo helped me with the translations last 2007 a few days before she went back to Japan.  The book suggests Cosmo cotton embroidery threads, but I converted them to DMC or Anchor.

This project will have to wait a while before it is finished. But I am enjoying this project, because of the many stitches featured. Here is another update photo:

Kabuto Dec 15 2009 After 17 hours

Here is the finished embroidery:

Kabuto (japanese samurai helmet)

A closer view:


handarbeit stickerei handstickerei in Berlin



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