“Heiwa” featured in Sticken August 2010

8 08 2010

“Sticken” is the german word for “to embroider” and is the name of the official magazine of the German Embroidery Guild.

This August 2010, “Heiwa” handkerchief is on the front page.

The award-winning embroidery will be in textile exhibitions in Steinhude until September and in Michelstadt on October 2010.



4 responses

13 08 2010

Hi there,
Lovely tosee your work in Inspirations, but I would like to know if you have done any more to your Bridge of Sighs project please?


14 08 2010

Thanks Jacqui! I took a break from the “Bridge of Sighs” project. It is half-done already. I usually declare a project UFO if I do no longer find it interesting. sometimes it would just be experiment, whether I would like the process and the result, so that I do not have to finish a project sometimes. maybe I will get back to the bridge and finish it. 🙂


21 09 2010

Congrats again Vince!!! You’re becoming quite the stitching celebrity. 🙂
Love all the new roses too… Such beautiful work.


21 09 2010

Hi Jan! Thank you. We should all be celebrities in our little stitching world.


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