Rose 36 Marbled Rose

1 09 2010

Rosa alba Regalis

This is the first of the series. Click on the photo to view the large format.

The artwork should be viewed with light coming from the sides, because the relief effect produced by the embroidery defines the darkest shade. If the light falls directly in front of the painting, the subject is not clear.

Started: August 12, 2010

Finished: August 29, 2010

# of hours:  17 hours

Materials: acrylic paint and metallic thread on cotton fabric

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

Techniques: tambourwork



4 responses

22 08 2010
Ann Noble

I read the article about you in the recent Inspirations magazine. I love to read about male stitchers. When I met my husband he was quite happy to tell me that he could knit and to be honest he’s very good at ornamental canvas work as well. Beautiful work, keep it up.


7 09 2010

Thank you for the comment!


20 09 2010

The paint that you had on the embroidery is really a fantastic idea.


21 09 2010

Thanks! I am enjoying the whole process. Let´s see where it will take me from here. ^_^


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