Bobbin Lace Collar (geklöppelter Spitzenkragen)

15 02 2011

Started April 24, 2008, I finished it on May 21, 2008. Here is a  Work-In-Progress photo:

Begonnen 24. April 2008, beendete ich sie am 21. Mai 2008. Hier ist ein Work-In-Progress Foto:


Length (Länge): 87 cm long.

Material : DMC perle coton.

I was so relieved that I was able to finish this lace.  The pattern is from the book “Freude am Klöppeln” (Joy in Bobbinlace) by Barbara Pollak. Here is a photo of the starched and finished collar with the opened book.

Ich war so erleichtert, dass ich diese Spitze beenden konnte. Das Muster ist aus dem Buch “Freude am Klöppeln ”  von Barbara Pollak. Hier ist ein Foto von dem gestärkten und vollendeten  Kragen mit dem Buch.

It is mounted on a foamboard covered with dark velvet fabric.

ES ist auf einem mit dunklen Samt überzogenem Foamboard montiert.




4 responses

16 02 2011

Nice work. If you work collars in linen they hold their shape better than perle cotton.


16 02 2011

Thanks Avital! I would also use linen thread if I could, but I am just a forever-student… linen threads are just beyond my budget. lol. ^_^


9 03 2011
Vincent tries bobbin lace · Needlework News |

[…] Vincent of worksofhands completed this amazing bobbin-lace collar — following instructions in a book! He’s so freakin awesome. See the post. […]


11 06 2011

How gifted you are to be able to do this gorgeous work – and from a book!!

March 2010 a dear friend in Germany gave me my first lesson in bobbin lace and I brought home to the USA an even greater appreciation of each step.

Thank you for sharing!!!


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