The Golden Circle

14 03 2011

update March 14, 2011:  The Golden Circle wins “Public´s Favorite” Award at the 25th Foundation Anniversary of the German Lace Guild!

Der Goldene Kreis gewinnt “Publikumsliebling” auf der 25. Jubiläumsjahr der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. !

updated March 10, 2011: The Golden Cirle is disqualified from the competition (I posted this blog which is considered as publicly exhibiting the work prior to the contest proper.)

Der Goldene Kreis ist vom Wettbewerb ausgeschlossen (ich habe in diesem Blog darüber berichtet,und galt als Veröffentlichung eines Werkes vor dem Wettbewerb .)

The Golden Circle (Der Goldene Kreis)

Started: February 2, 2011

Finished: March 2, 2011

Number of Hours: 128 hours (128 Stunde)

Techniques: Tambourwork, Cutwork, Bead embroidery

Materials: Black Silk fabric, metallic threads, seed beads, sequins

Size: 39cm x 36cm

The theme for this year´s German Lace Guild competition is “The Circle”. This 2011 the guild is celebrating its 25th year of existence.

I got inspired by how everything is connected and how we hurt ourselves if we hurt everything else in nature, including our fellow human beings. The intertwining of stylized acanthus plant in ornamental designs reminds me of this complex network.

Das Thema des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. ist “Der Kreis”. Die Spitzengilde feiert ihr 25. Jubiläum dieses Jahr.

Meine Inspiration ist die Wahrheit dass wir alle miteinander verbunden sind. Dass wir uns selbst schaden, wenn wir andere Lebewesen verletzten, einschließlich unserer Mitmenschen. Die Verflechtung von stilisierten Akanthus-Werk in ornamentalen Mustern erinnert mich an dieses komplexe Netzwerk.

Playing with the sunshine…

Ein Spiel mit der Sonne …

worksofhands Berlin

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21 responses

2 03 2011

OMG Vincent! I’m breadthless! This is really exquisite!

2 03 2011

Thanks Meri!

3 03 2011
Cynthia Baxter

Are you saying that you made this piece?
I can hardly believe it.

3 03 2011

^_^ I know, I can´t believe it myself. hehe.

3 03 2011

The Work is beautiful by the wonderful lighting, very special.
how long does it take before you’ve finished this work?
love alex

3 03 2011

Thanks Alexandra! I forgot to write down the number of hours. I finished the lace in 128 hours in 28 days (Feb. 2, 2011 – Mar. 2, 2011). I am sending it today to the organizers of the competition. ^_^

4 03 2011

This is gorgeous – well done!

6 03 2011
Lorelei Halley

I love the idea. I also love all the little animals and things hidden in the leaves.

8 03 2011
Firnkes Ursula

Wunderbar. Habe die Arbeit über stitchin fingers gefunden. Ich freue mich auf Altensteig.
Gruß Ursula

8 03 2011

Vielen Dank! Nimm Fotos auf bitte. lol! ich kann leider nicht kommen. :( vielleicht nächstes Jahr.

8 03 2011

I hope you do well in the competition as this piece is very well executed and pleasing. Its wonderful – good luck with it

8 03 2011

I really appreciate your comment, sharonb! you are an inspiration. ^_^

8 03 2011

@Rachel: Thanks!
@Lorelei: Thanks

8 03 2011
“C&V” Ring Pillow (Ringkissen) « worksofhands Berlin

[...] the parcel will reach Manila at least a few days before the wedding day. Right after finishing the Golden Circle, I set up to work on this [...]

9 03 2011

If these doesn’t win you masters in the competation then the judges are all BLIND!!!! Best of luck Vincent…..

9 03 2011

lol! thanks Jan. Well, it´s the 25th foundation year, there will definitely be real master lacemakers who will show up. There are lots of bobbin lacemakers and crocheters. Plus the traditional embroidered lacemakers (whiteworks, cutworks, pulledwork, etc.) I did a black and gold lace, and I combined tambourwork and cutwork.

14 03 2011
The Golden Circle wins “Public´s Favorite” Award in the German Lace Guild exhibition « worksofhands Berlin

[...] being disqualified in the competition, my embroidered lace was allowed to be shown in the exhibition and be voted in the Public´s [...]

12 04 2011

Wow! A truly amazing peice! This is stunning. Sorry to hear you were disqualified- but hey, you one a great award. So glad to have found your blog thru stitchin fingers. Take care!

9 05 2011
Paul Phillip Evans

Hi Vincent,
This is just amazing!!!

10 05 2011

thank you so much, paul! (hugs back! ^_^)

8 10 2011

I keep thinking you painted this … to look like lace.

One word comes to mind – AWESOME.

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