WIP: White Tara Thangka Update

23 11 2013

Yes, I am still stitching. I was busy with exams and other stuffs.

The artwork is based on a tibetan thangka painting by master Migmar Tsering. (photo from www.chinatibet.people.com.cn)

Migmar Tsering

Migmar Tsering

(Jan. 22, 2011) After 222 hours…

after 229 hours

(Nov. 23, 2013) After 342 hours…(click on the picture for a larger view.)

After 342h

After 342h

This is so far my largest needleart. Can you find the needle?




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22 01 2011


The detail is wonderful … look forward to seeing the finish!

Judy B

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22 01 2011

Just beautiful! You work hard.

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22 01 2011

Wow. An amazing amount of detail and beautiful stitching. You have the patience of a Zen embroidery master!

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22 01 2011

Wow, that’s beautiful can’t wait to see it finished.

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23 01 2011

@Judy, meri, kiwae: thank you!

@Jacinta: thanks! ^_^ I wish I could meet a real embroidery master and learn from him. So far, I still try to fully understand that it is the journey and not the destination which is more essential.



3 03 2011
The Golden Circle « worksofhands Berlin

[…] German Lace Guild competition is “The Circle”. I originally planned to enter the White Tara Thangka, but decided to make another design, which I think I would be able to finish before the exhibition […]


16 06 2015
Joy Ivill

I love your work


9 08 2015
Vincent Valiente

Thank you Joy!


18 08 2015
Joy Ivill

thank you Vince x


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