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(Updated Sept. 2, 2017)

Hi! I am Vincent. I am a student at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

I accept hand embroidery commissions and I do collaborations with other artists, designers, fashion students and hand embroiderers.


On 2011, my entry “The Golden Circle” won the Public´s Favorite Award in the exhibition at the 25th Year of the German Lace Guild in Altstadt, Germany.

Mutya ng Telili (2nd prize, Fiesta National Needlecraft Competition 2007, Philippines ) and Heiwa handkerchief (1st prize, Fadenkreuz 2010, Germany).

I also have been featured in the Australian embroidery magazine,Inspirations, in their 2009 article about male embroiderers in issue 67.

Hallo! Ich bin Vincent. Ich bin Student an der Freien Universität Berlin.

Ich nehme Aufträge für Handstickerei und kollaboriere mit anderen Künstlern, Designers, Mode-Studenten und Stickern. 

Dies ist mein Blog über meine vielen Hobbys, meistens das Sticken und das Malen.

Im 2011, mein Beitrag “Der Goldene Kreis” gewann den Publikumsliebling in der Ausstellung im 25. Jubiläum der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. in Altstadt, Deutschland. Mutya ng Telili (2. Preis, Fiesta National Needlecraft Wettbewerb 2007, Philippinen) und Heiwa Taschentuch (1. Preis, Fadenkreuz 2010, Deutschland).

Ich bin auch in der australischen Stickerei-zeitschrift, Inspirationen, in ihrer 2009 Artikel über männliche Stickerinnen in Ausgabe 67 vorgestellt worden.


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13 responses

30 06 2009

Hey Vincent, welcome to the world of blogging. I’ve been rather lax in my stitching for the last couple of years. I always say I’ll get back to it then get distracted by a romance book. {LOL} Glad to see you’re back up to speed and doing what you love best. I’ve put you in my official RSS feed list so I never miss a posting of your beautiful work.

Take Care,


9 10 2009

I have some embroidery directions in german. Can you translate the following into English, please:
Beiliegendes Stickgarn ist 6-fadig

and Dieses Muster bitte 4 fadig sticken

Thank you.


10 10 2009

Hi Gerry,
here is the exact translation of the instruction:

The enclosed embroidery yarn is 6-strands…and this Pattern please embroider in 4-strands.



16 10 2009


I saw your post on Stitchin Fingers about shops in London. I can’t reply on that forum because my membership hasn’t been approved yet, so I’m posting my reply here instead.

Unfortunately needlework shops in London seem to be dying out. The only suggestions I can think of are the haberdashery departments in John Lewis and Liberty, both department stores in central London (Oxford Street area).

John Lewis
Oxford Street
London W1A 1EX

Great Marlborough Street (just off Regent Street)
London W1B 5AH

Liberty is worth visiting anyway because it is such a lovely shop.

Both the above also sell fabric but I think you would be better going to a fabric shop to look for silks and Chinese brocades. Fabric shops in the area include:

MacCulloch and Wallis (close to John Lewis mentioned above)
25-26 Dering Street
London, W1S 1AT

and some in Berwick Street (not far from Liberty mentioned above):

The Berwick Street Cloth Shop
14 Berwick Street
London, W1F 0PP
(actually has 3 shops on Berwick Street – maybe contact them to check which is the best one for silks and brocades?)

Borovick Fabrics Ltd
16 Berwick Street
London W1F 0HP

You would be able to get round to all these shops in half a day, although if you want to spend a lot of time looking at the goods and getting distracted by other things along the way, I’d allow a whole day.

Hope your trip goes well. I did a one-day course on Blackwork at the RSN earlier this year and enjoyed it very much – the location is lovely! Hampton Court Palace itself is also well worth visiting.


18 01 2010

Thank you for the list Katherine. Other stitcher´s have found the list helpful too.


27 01 2010

Hi! Another Berlin embroiderer! I’m thrilled – I thought I was alone in the stitching wilderness in this city.


27 01 2010

Hi stitchalicious! this is great! Your stumpwork embroideries based on tattoo designs are very good. I would like to see them in person! Bis bald, Vincent


14 05 2010
Fr. Boniface

Hello, Vincent!

Great site! Great work! Thank you! I hope to pick your brain sometime in the near future for some solutions to my stitching problems!


14 05 2010

Thank you Fr. Boniface! My stitching came from trying out techniques myself with the help of books and other websites. So you shall be able to solve your stitching problems soon. ^_^


18 07 2010

Hello Vincent!

How are you? World is tiny, isn’t it?
…BTW your needlework looks amazing.



25 06 2012

Hello Vincent,
I will be in Berlin in July. I want to buy Anchor embroidery thread Tapisserie. What kind of store I can buy them?


10 06 2014
Anna-Maria Naidoo

Dear Vincent, I want to learn how to do embroidery on Pina Cloth, how did you learn?, is there a book?, what threads did you use.
Love your work, BLESSINGS to you.
Thank you.
Anna-Maria in Sydney Australia


10 08 2014

Thank you! I learned it on my own. I swear, my eyes felt like they were bleeding! lol. I had photos of whiteworks on pineapple fiber clothes, undid some embroideries (I was lucky to have an old Barong), made the patterns and embroidered the fabrics. trial-and-error method.


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