Reminiscing 2010

10 03 2011

I almost forgot to make a review of my blog in the year 2010. So here it is.

I finished 8 needlework projects and painted 11 tambourwork roses.

I won a competition too.

And got featured in Country Bumpkin´s Inspiration magazine.

I learned to do boutis quilting, appliqué quilting, silk thread painting, stumpwork and tambourwork embroidery. I also started to learn how to make a ball-jointed doll.

I went to Florence, Italy and went needlework store-hopping.

I got to finish projects I started last 2009.

I joined HEN´s online exhibition but didn´t know what happened to the results, because the whole thing just disappeared from the cyberworld. lol.

I promised to keep on painting, but finished only 2 watercolor paintings in 2010.

I also started a lot of new projects, but never got to finish them before the end of the year. Some of these might never be finished before I die and some of these might be finished this year.

Cherish Bear

White Tara Thangka

More Trees in Spring

I hope 2011 will be a better year.

worksofhands Berlin.

The Spirit of Knitting (knitted doll)

4 09 2009

Yes, the spirit came to me 2 days ago and I have been busy designing and knitting him. lol!

A friend emailed me and asked if I would like to join a knitting contest. It has to be 4inches high and an ornament. I supposed it is for a christmas issue of a needlework magazine.

Anyway, I made initial drafts and develop the design.


The patterns: I found this basic doll  of Carol Meldrum of the Knitted Icons book. I modified it so it would be 4 inches high. I designed the hat, scarf and would-be gown. I used the stitches in Reader´s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.

The materials: I used a perle coton for the basic doll. A friend of a friend gave up crocheting a long time ago and I received his stash of perle coton. Fiberfill for stuffing. I mixed 2 strands DMC linen(ecru) with 1 strand Madeira Opal metallic thread (blue). The face details are made with 2 strands DMC navy blue. I used the finest double end knitting needles, those used for socks.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Then, I woke up today, Sept. 4, 2009, realizing my stitches are not that even after all. I am just not satisfied with my uneven tension. I still have to learn a lot. And so I gave up halfway and decided to keep the Spirit of Knitting to myself. I do not want to finish his blue lace jacket anymore. To make the enchanted needles, I took 2 toothpicks (with decorative ends) and cut it shorter, shaped the tips, and glued it to his hands. I made an enchanted ball of yarn with DMC linen thread and glued it on his other hand.

The finished Spirit of Knitting

The finished Spirit of Knitting

The Spirit of Knitting appears before Sam, the knitted doll. 🙂
"You wished to be a real human? Sorry, wrong number."

"You wished to be a real human? Sorry, wrong number."


"Of course, you can´t see my clothes. It is enchanted too. You have to use your imagination. heehee!"

"Of course, you can´t see my clothes. It is enchanted too. You have to use your imagination. heehee!"

Sam´s new jeans

19 08 2009

I finally get to finish making his jeans today. It is a jumper style. I cut the lower leg part of my worn-out jeans.  I can´t wait to buy a pair of new buttons tomorrow, I just used the largest buttons I have in my stash. 🙂

Sam is a knitted doll, wearing a knitted pullover of various cable knits and a 3-cornered hat with pompoms and a  scarf of matching colors.

Sam´s new jeans

Sam´s new jeans

I took a photo of my knitted and crocheted toys. Totoro and Amineko are free amigurumi (crochet) designs from the internet. Click on the links to make your own!
My Sam is a simple knitted doll from a knitting book, the form looks like a gingerbread man. Then I designed his over all look, his hair, his face, his hat and pullover and jeans.
Amineko, Sam and Totoro

Amineko, Sam and Totoro

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