“Heiwa” featured in Sticken August 2010

8 08 2010

“Sticken” is the german word for “to embroider” and is the name of the official magazine of the German Embroidery Guild.

This August 2010, “Heiwa” handkerchief is on the front page.

The award-winning embroidery will be in textile exhibitions in Steinhude until September and in Michelstadt on October 2010.

Inspirations Issue 67 features worksofhands

29 07 2010

I would like to thank Inspirations Magazine for the article featuring my story and photos of  my works in it. Thank you for the copy of the issue too!

This is Inspirations´biggest issue ever (1st issue in 1993)!

A preview from the article:

Ikea shelves put up for mounted embroideries and views of my work place/bedroom

16 08 2009

Today I decided to put the 4 white shelves I bought from Ikea 2 or 3 years ago. These are 3inches deep shelves which can be connected to form a longer row of shelving system for  frames and small objects.

Aug 16 Bed side and shelves

On the side table I have Jane Nicholas´Stumpwork book and Royal School of Needlework book plus a japanese craft book. My first four embroideries on the series Peace already find their places on the shelves.

Aug 16 Work area (2)

My largest embroidery is Thea Gouverneur´s Birdhouse, I placed it on another of the white shelf. Next to it is my long and short needlepoint of Elian McCready´s Hollyhocks and Peonies. On the other side of the wall hangs a Benguet backstrap loom, finished but uncut, with all the wooden parts used in weaving the fabric. On the table frame stand, I still have the WIP of my Yellow Sampler/ Cutwork or Drawnwork stitches.  I am working on the bear´s body now.

Aug 16 Work area

I use a cylinder to raise my work a bit higher. I wind the ribbons on glass jars. 🙂 I use cotton buds plastic boxes for my needles. I use a vanishing fabric pen to draw the designs. I also use permanent waterproof pen if I know I would be able to cover the lines entirely with stitches, like on this project.

Aug 16 Bed side and shelves (2)

I like handmade ethnic or native products. This shelf has my favorite books, tools and finished projects from embroidery to sculpting to painting.  I have too many interests and have tried to develop so many skills from so many fields (theater, opera, piano, ballet, massage therapy, painting, etc.), that it was extremely necessary for me to make a decision to improve on one field only, and I chose embroidery.

worksofhands bei wordpress.com

25 06 2009

Finally, after so many years, not having a public blog, I decided to keep one. This is to help me keep focused on my projects and my art.



Endlich, nach so vielen Jahren ohne einem Blog, entschloss ich mich einem zu halten. Ein Blog hilf mich, mehr auf meine Projekte und Kunst zu konzentrieren.


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