Love Fruits (Stilllife: Mangoes on a Bamboo Tray)

8 03 2010

Started: January 31, 2010

Finished: March 8, 2010

Number of hours: 82 hours

Size: 29 x 43cm

Materials: DMC Stranded cotton and Rayon threads on pineapple-silk handwoven fabric

It shows 7 mangoes on a bilao, a round hand-woven bamboo tray. Each mango is done in different ajour stitches.  The background has ajour work too. And I am also trying some new stitches.

It is the national fruit of the Philippines, symbolizing love for family and love for nation, because it is shaped like a human heart. It is very sweet when it turns golden yellow. It is so high in sugar, that diabetics are not advised to eat even when mangoes are still green and sour. Each mango represents a family member or a friend or a passion for something, like passion for embroidery. ^_^

Feb.5, 2010: First photo update after 23 hours.

WIP Mangga Feb 5 2010 after 23 hours

After 46 hours, here is another update. The leaves are leaf stitches outlined with buttonhole stitches. All the mangoes are filled with 7 ajour stitches and outlined with 7 “line or chain” stitches. Next is the bamboo tray.

Update February 16, 2010: The bamboo tray is finished. Now comes the laces on the background. They are strips of embroidered lace across the background.

Love Fruits WIP Feb 16 2010 After 51 Hours

Finally the laces are finished and ready for exhibition on March 13 and 14, 2010.

Click on the photos for larger view of the embroidered laces!

Love Fruits (Mangga sa Bilao)

The fabric is transparent not only because of the fine silk and pineapple fibers, the fabric is also not tightly woven. So I decided to just write my signature, rather than embroider it.

Love Fruits (Mangga sa Bilao) signature

Larger view:

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.

Homesick Series (Heimweh Serien)

26 06 2009
Missing Mangoes

Missing Mangoes

I am creating a series of designs for textile art. I called it “Heimweh” (Homesick). Living in Berlin, I have been missing a lot of food back in the Philippines. I am especially missing the fruits and vegetables. It will feature lots of stitches. I will still have to put colors into it.
I think this will feature crewel stitches using cotton floss in bright and pastel colors.

Homesick Series: Missing Pineapples

Homesick Series: Missing Pineapples

The second of my series Heimweh (Homesick). Pineapples.
I am thinking of doing this whole panel in pulled work using colored threads with colored lining that shows through the pulled holes.

July 8, 2009 Ink on Paper

July 8, 2009 Ink on Paper


I love suman!!!

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