Needlework (Other Designers)

Here is the gallery of needlework I made designed by other artists.

I have lots of favorite artists and they inspire me and influence my style. Here are some projects I finished, which other artists have published or sold as patterns or kits.

Though I started to explore and try to develop my own needlework since last year, I still have the desire to own a piece of these artist´s works. I try to reproduce their designs.

Kabuto (Boys´Day/japanese samurai helmet) by Sadako Totsuka (2010)

Red Cat (kit by Endora france) (2010)

Hardanger Napkin by Hiroko Takeuchi (2009)

Übungspitze by Ulla Fagerlin (2009)

Wiesenstück (Meadow Piece) by Ragnhild Rees from “Gestickte Kostbarkeiten” (2009)

Montmellick Sampler by Pamela Strudwick (2009)

Rose Lace by Joan Marchie for Elsa Williams (2009)

Lily´s Bouquet by Michael A. LeClair for Elsa Williams (2009)

Semmeni Hana “Kaki” (Persimmon) by Sadako Totsuka (2009)

Hollyhocks and Peonies by Elian McCready (2009)

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Hardanger Sampler by Hiroko Takeuchi (2009)

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Click for larger view of the mounted sampler

Victorian Needle Box by Janice Love (2009)

Sachets and pouches by Janice Love (2009)

ABC Roses (altered center motif letter D) by DMC (2008)

bobbinlace collar from a japanese book (2008)

bobbinlace Collar by Barbara Pollak (Freude am Klöppeln) (2008)

Semmeni Hana “Fuji” (Wisteria) by Sadako Totsuka (2007)

Beautiful Bird by Dimensions Gold Collection Petites (2007)

With This Ring Wedding Sampler by Sweetheart Tree (2007)

Sunflower by Kaya-san (2007)

ABC Roses by DMC (Altered Center motif letter V) (2007)

Wedding Sampler by Teresa Wentzler (2006)

English Cottage Sampler by Teresa Wentzler (2006)

Fireside Solitude by Lena Liu for Dimensions (2006)

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Vogelhuisje (Birdhouse) by Thea Gouverneur (2006)

Far East Charm by Lea Liu for Dimensions (2005)

A Year of Love by Marie Barber (2005)

English Garden Welcome by Teresa Wentzler (2005)

Peaceable Kingdom by Teresa Wentzler (2005)

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Millenium (alternative title Home:Earth) by Teresa Wentzler (2005)

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Majestic Peacock by Lena Liu for Dimensions (2005)

Antique Wedding Sampler by Cross my Heart, Inc. (2005)

Peacock Tapestry by Teresa Wentzler (2004)

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Camelot Sampler by Teresa Wentzler (2004)

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.

7 responses

22 07 2010

Vincent –

Your stitching on Teresa Wentzler’s Peacock Tapestry looks fabulous. I have the kit, but wanted to use 32ct instead of the 25ct fabric that came in the kit. Was it difficult to stitch the tree (which calls for 3 strands of floss) on the 32ct? Which specific linen did you use – would appreciate knowing the brand name and color. Thanks!


23 07 2010

Hi MVStitcher!
Thanks for the comment. You can use any evenweave and linen fabrics.
I do not have a particular brand name in mind when I buy my fabrics and I do not always follow the pattern´s suggestions because of lack of it wherever I lived. Teresa often suggest to try to personalize her designs, like choosing your own colorway or adding your favorite stitches.
The 3 strands will go to the trunk of the pear tree, to achieve a bit more dimension to it. So it is fine if the stitches looks thicker than the rest of the design. I used an awl to lay the 3 strands flat and you can see all the colors.
Don´t worry about mistakes. The design is so beautiful and complicated, any mistakes will be invisible. ^_^


23 07 2010

Dear Vincent –

Thank much for the tips. I have never used an awl before and will try to get one for this pattern. Regarding the linen, I was asking which specific 32-ct linen you used for this particular pattern. I have a 32ct Zweigart cream. I like the color and I love the coverage you got on the 32ct., but was worried that the 3 strands might be too bulky on the 32ct and also whether I would have trouble with the beads. I guess the best thing to do is to test-stitch with 3 strands before diving in.

Thanks for posting that enlargeable photo. I have saved the link and will be refering to it often for inspiration. I am converting the peacock into silk floss. Hope to get started soon!


23 07 2010

Hi MVStitcher! I bought the linen in a fabric shop, not in a needlework shop. So it is not Zweigart or Belfast, etc. It is just a linen I found in a shop. Because it is not the typical Zweigart linen, I am sure you will also like the texture and color. Bytheway, the real color is the one in flickr. The enlarged photo is actually with flash and the color is not real. sorry for the quality. My camera is not that good. I could not get better close-ups of the stitches. I will try to get another one tonight.
Nice idea with silk. The feathers will shine even more.
Don´t worry about the beads´placements. They will just sit on top of the stitches. Just keep a regular direction in anchoring the beads.
I still use awls, because the stitches shine some more if they are laid flat. Also it shows all the threads if you use 2 or more colors. If you will use flat silk (untwisted), you will definitely need the awl.
I had lots of fun stitching PT. Enjoy stitching too!


24 07 2010

Looking forward to more pictures of this, if you do take them. I was reading the instructions again tonight and they were a bit confusing, so your closeup photo is going to be even more helpful that I first thought! Please feel free to email me if my comments are getting too detailed or repetitive (I am assuming you can see my email address).


10 09 2014

Hello, I’ve just come across your great website and love the beautiful sunflower embroidery. Please can you tell me where you bought the kit, the company name to see if I can obtain it? I live in The UK.


11 09 2014

Hi Angie! Thank you for your interest.
It was not really a kit. It was a piece designed by a japanese teacher from the Totsuka Japanese Embroidery Center. While trying to get in contact with them in the past, they showed indifference to non-japanese inquirers. This is one of the reasons this company is still not officially introduced outside japan, despite its long history. I really like their books on techniques and designs. But they are foreigner-unfriendly. 😦


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