The Golden Circle

14 03 2011

update March 14, 2011:  The Golden Circle wins “Public´s Favorite” Award at the 25th Foundation Anniversary of the German Lace Guild!

Der Goldene Kreis gewinnt “Publikumsliebling” auf der 25. Jubiläumsjahr der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. !

updated March 10, 2011: The Golden Cirle is disqualified from the competition (I posted this blog which is considered as publicly exhibiting the work prior to the contest proper.)

Der Goldene Kreis ist vom Wettbewerb ausgeschlossen (ich habe in diesem Blog darüber berichtet,und galt als Veröffentlichung eines Werkes vor dem Wettbewerb .)

The Golden Circle (Der Goldene Kreis)

Started: February 2, 2011

Finished: March 2, 2011

Number of Hours: 128 hours (128 Stunde)

Techniques: Tambourwork, Cutwork, Bead embroidery

Materials: Black Silk fabric, metallic threads, seed beads, sequins

Size: 39cm x 36cm

The theme for this year´s German Lace Guild competition is “The Circle”. This 2011 the guild is celebrating its 25th year of existence.

I got inspired by how everything is connected and how we hurt ourselves if we hurt everything else in nature, including our fellow human beings. The intertwining of stylized acanthus plant in ornamental designs reminds me of this complex network.

Das Thema des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. ist “Der Kreis”. Die Spitzengilde feiert ihr 25. Jubiläum dieses Jahr.

Meine Inspiration ist die Wahrheit dass wir alle miteinander verbunden sind. Dass wir uns selbst schaden, wenn wir andere Lebewesen verletzten, einschließlich unserer Mitmenschen. Die Verflechtung von stilisierten Akanthus-Werk in ornamentalen Mustern erinnert mich an dieses komplexe Netzwerk.

Playing with the sunshine…

Ein Spiel mit der Sonne …

worksofhands Berlin

Embroidery techniques I want to learn:

6 02 2010

Click on the names to visit a website:

1. Stumpwork and Ribbonwork – I might buy books, DVDs and kits starting 2010.
2. Kalaga (Burmese or Thai wall hangings)
3. Peranakan beaded embroidery – I visited this little shop in Bugis. The lessons there cost about 200$ for 2 lessons.
4. Kutch Embroidery (india)
5. Torero Goldwork embroidery

copyright Luis Calleja

Tambour work (Crochet de Lunéville) “Paz”

26 07 2009

I am keeping no WIP photos for this project. The dark fabric makes my eyes more tired than light fabrics. After 3 attempts, I finally able to find the right fabric for tambour work. And as a beginner in tambour work, I prefer plainly woven fabrics. No tulle nor complex weaves. Threads would easily get caught in the hook.

Started July 19, 2009

Finished July 26, 2009

After 20 Hours

Beads, metallic threads, polyester sewing threads and embroidery cotton threads on blue cotton indian sari

(Spanish word for peace)

A sampler of tambour work patterns with beads and metallic threads

A sampler of tambour work patterns with beads and metallic threads

While embroidering, I decided that this will be a sampler of patterns with beads and metallic threads. There are so many ways to combine colors and sizes and other materials, including sequins and gold threads and bullions.

Here is the original drawing.

Original drawing of Offering 004

Original drawing of Offering 004

Handarbeit / Stickerei in Berlin, Deutschland.

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