WIP: White Tara Thangka Update

23 11 2013

Yes, I am still stitching. I was busy with exams and other stuffs.

The artwork is based on a tibetan thangka painting by master Migmar Tsering. (photo from www.chinatibet.people.com.cn)

Migmar Tsering

Migmar Tsering

(Jan. 22, 2011) After 222 hours…

after 229 hours

(Nov. 23, 2013) After 342 hours…(click on the picture for a larger view.)

After 342h

After 342h

This is so far my largest needleart. Can you find the needle?

The Golden Circle

14 03 2011

update March 14, 2011:  The Golden Circle wins “Public´s Favorite” Award at the 25th Foundation Anniversary of the German Lace Guild!

Der Goldene Kreis gewinnt “Publikumsliebling” auf der 25. Jubiläumsjahr der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. !

updated March 10, 2011: The Golden Cirle is disqualified from the competition (I posted this blog which is considered as publicly exhibiting the work prior to the contest proper.)

Der Goldene Kreis ist vom Wettbewerb ausgeschlossen (ich habe in diesem Blog darüber berichtet,und galt als Veröffentlichung eines Werkes vor dem Wettbewerb .)

The Golden Circle (Der Goldene Kreis)

Started: February 2, 2011

Finished: March 2, 2011

Number of Hours: 128 hours (128 Stunde)

Techniques: Tambourwork, Cutwork, Bead embroidery

Materials: Black Silk fabric, metallic threads, seed beads, sequins

Size: 39cm x 36cm

The theme for this year´s German Lace Guild competition is “The Circle”. This 2011 the guild is celebrating its 25th year of existence.

I got inspired by how everything is connected and how we hurt ourselves if we hurt everything else in nature, including our fellow human beings. The intertwining of stylized acanthus plant in ornamental designs reminds me of this complex network.

Das Thema des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs der Deutschen Spitzengilde e.V. ist “Der Kreis”. Die Spitzengilde feiert ihr 25. Jubiläum dieses Jahr.

Meine Inspiration ist die Wahrheit dass wir alle miteinander verbunden sind. Dass wir uns selbst schaden, wenn wir andere Lebewesen verletzten, einschließlich unserer Mitmenschen. Die Verflechtung von stilisierten Akanthus-Werk in ornamentalen Mustern erinnert mich an dieses komplexe Netzwerk.

Playing with the sunshine…

Ein Spiel mit der Sonne …

worksofhands Berlin

Reminiscing 2010

10 03 2011

I almost forgot to make a review of my blog in the year 2010. So here it is.

I finished 8 needlework projects and painted 11 tambourwork roses.

I won a competition too.

And got featured in Country Bumpkin´s Inspiration magazine.

I learned to do boutis quilting, appliqué quilting, silk thread painting, stumpwork and tambourwork embroidery. I also started to learn how to make a ball-jointed doll.

I went to Florence, Italy and went needlework store-hopping.

I got to finish projects I started last 2009.

I joined HEN´s online exhibition but didn´t know what happened to the results, because the whole thing just disappeared from the cyberworld. lol.

I promised to keep on painting, but finished only 2 watercolor paintings in 2010.

I also started a lot of new projects, but never got to finish them before the end of the year. Some of these might never be finished before I die and some of these might be finished this year.

Cherish Bear

White Tara Thangka

More Trees in Spring

I hope 2011 will be a better year.

worksofhands Berlin.

Sachets, Pouches and a Doily (Taschen, Beutel und ein Deckchen)

14 02 2011

These are six potpourri sachets and pouches and one doily from Janice Love´s “Basics and Beyond.” This was the first book I had on hardanger embroidery. If you want to make them yourself, you can still find OOP copies of the book online.

I finished these all in January 2009. ( The doily is a variation of the ring pillow minus the pillow and ribbon, and is not included in the book.)

Materials: Cotton evenweave fabrics, DMC perle coton, satin ribbons, cords, sequins, seed beads, fiberfill, tassel, polyester thread for sewing

Diese sind sechs Potpourri Beutel und Taschen und ein Deckchen von Janice Love’s “Basics and Beyond”. Es ist mein erstes Buch über Hardangerstickerei. Wenn Sie Hardanger selbst machen möchten, können Sie immer noch rare/vergriffene Exemplare des Buches online finden.

Ich beendete diese alle im Januar 2009. (Die Deckchen ist eine Variation des Ringkissens ohne den Kissen und das Satinband und ist nicht im Buch.)

Material: Baumwolle evenweave Stoffe, DMC perle coton, Satinbänder, Kordeln, Pailletten, Rocailles, Volumenvlies Watter, Quaste, Polyester Faden zum Nähen

Sizes: (click for large format)

Größen: (Klicken für großes Format)

Petite Square Pillow (Kleiner Ringkissen)/ Doily (Deckchen): 14cm x 14cm

. Envelope Pocket /Umschlag Tasche: 12cm x 12cm

Potpourri Pouch (Potpourri Beutel): 10cm (ball measured from the bottom), 15cm high (ball and the lace edges)

Moire Bag (I used cotton fabric, not moire taffeta) Moiré-Bag (ich benutzte Baumwollstoff, nicht Moire Taffeta) : 25cm x 10cm

Lacy Sachet (Spitzenbeutel): 8cm x 30 cm

Tassel Sachet (Quastenbeutel) : 7cm sachet (Beutel), 7cm tassel (Quaste), 4cm string (Schnur) = 18cm long

I believe the potpourri oils would stain the white laces so for the purpose of adding shape to the articles, I stuffed them with fiberfill.  I also added little white flat sequins and seed beads.

Ich glaube, die Potpourri-öle  würden die Spitze beflecken. Um  Form zu geben,  habe ich die Taschen mit Füllwatte gefüllt. Ich habe auch einige mit kleinen weißen  Pailletten und Rocailles ergänzt.

A Victorian Needle Box (Eine viktorianische Nadelkiste)

13 02 2011

This pretty fabric box was finished on January 29, 2009, when I was learning how to do hardanger lace embroidery.

Materials: navy blue ribbed moire tafetta fabric, rayon cord, sequins, seed beads, DMC perle coton, cardboard, batting/wadding foam, wool yarn, polyester thread for sewing, glue.

Size: 15 cm high, 12 1/2 cm square base, 35 cm wide when fully opened.

The project is from Janice Love´s book “Fundamentals made Fancy”, the complimentary book to “Basics and Beyond”.  If you want to create one yourself, you can still find OOP copies of the books online.

The book suggests large pearl beads, but I used tiny white flat sequins and white seed beads.

Diese schöne Kiste wurde am 29. Januar 2009 beendet, als ich anfing zu lernen, wie man Hardanger Spitze stickt.

Material: marineblau gerippten Stoff Moire Taft, Rayon Kordel, Pailletten, Rocailles, DMC perle Baumwolle, Pappe, Watte / Watte Schaum, Wolle, Polyester Faden zum Nähen, Klebestoff.

Größe: 15 cm hoch, 12 1 / 2 cm quadratische Grundfläche, 35 cm breit, wenn geöffnet.

Wert: 200 €

Das Projekt ist aus Janice Love’s Buch “Fundamentals made Fancy”, das  das Buch “Basics and Beyond” ergänzt. Wenn Sie selber eine erstellen möchten, können Sie immer noch rare/ vergriffene Kopien online finden.

Das Buch schlägt große Perlen vor, aber ich habe kleine weiße Pailletten und weißen Rocailles benutzt.

The needle box features 2 layers of “petals”, with hardanger laces to insert packs of needles into. In the middle is a cushion ball filled with wool yarn.

Die Nadel-Box verfügt über 2 Schichten von “Blütenblätter”, mit Hardanger Spitzenbänder, in dem Nadelpäckchen eingefügt werden können. In der Mitte befindet sich ein Kissen gefüllt mit Wolle.

The opened needle box (Die geöffnete Kiste):

Rose 24 Austrian Copper Rose

29 09 2010

Rosa Eglanteria var. punicea

The 7th in the series “Hommage to Redouté”

Finished: September 28, 2010

Technique, Materials & Size: Tambourwork, cotton thread and ultramarine blue/burnt umber/white acrylic paint on linen canvas, 30cm x4 0cm

Rose 36 Marbled Rose

1 09 2010

Rosa alba Regalis

This is the first of the series. Click on the photo to view the large format.

The artwork should be viewed with light coming from the sides, because the relief effect produced by the embroidery defines the darkest shade. If the light falls directly in front of the painting, the subject is not clear.

Started: August 12, 2010

Finished: August 29, 2010

# of hours:  17 hours

Materials: acrylic paint and metallic thread on cotton fabric

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

Techniques: tambourwork

“Heiwa” featured in Sticken August 2010

8 08 2010

“Sticken” is the german word for “to embroider” and is the name of the official magazine of the German Embroidery Guild.

This August 2010, “Heiwa” handkerchief is on the front page.

The award-winning embroidery will be in textile exhibitions in Steinhude until September and in Michelstadt on October 2010.

Inspirations Issue 67 features worksofhands

29 07 2010

I would like to thank Inspirations Magazine for the article featuring my story and photos of  my works in it. Thank you for the copy of the issue too!

This is Inspirations´biggest issue ever (1st issue in 1993)!

A preview from the article:

Embroidered Lifebuoy

24 06 2010

I volunteered to be a costume assistant to Arianne Cardoso´s performance on Saturday, June 26. Her concept and video filming entitled Der Nähkasten (The Sewing Box) is inspired by the book Berlin Childhood around the 1900s by Benjamin Walters, written by Benjamin Walters who was an exiled Jewish. His book is a collection of intimate memories of Berlin when he was still living there. He committed suicide before the book was published.

The performance was in accordance to the Arts Festival “48 Stunde Neukölln”. Read more in german: http://www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de/2010/

You can read more about Arianne´s works here: http://www.ariannevitale.daportfolio.com/

Aside from finishing the great costumes and assisting in the costume fitting, I also embroidered this buoy.

Started and Finished today: June 24, 2010

No. of hours: 9hours

The Gothic German fonts are padded with cardboard and satin-stitched.

I corrected the slanting “e” in the word “Berliner”.

The buoy was sewn into a bouy and attached to an air-blown tube. Here are photos during the day of the performance.

Off the streets:

Successful performance:


Other artists were Odile Hautemulle (Costume Design), Stephanie Hanna (Performance), Akemi Nagao (Movement/Dance), Thiago Bartolozzo (Stage/Set Design), Ilaria Soncini (Fashion/Costume Design) and Marise Cardoso (Music/Sound Design).

Here is the flyer to the performance:

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